Fate Price

Mar 18, 2012
Salutations gentlemen. My name is Fate, I'm 18 years old and from Colorado, I've had an interest in the military since I began high school, by sophomore year I was set on the army. (my father being in Vietnam definitely swayed me) I originally planed to enlist as an 11n opt. 40. but after reconsideration I've decided to enlist as 19D and hopefully (with some help from the shadowspear community) gain enough experience to transfer to the 75th Ranger regiment long range reconnaissance division. Thanks in advance, and my apologies for any facts I may have got wrong.

On a more personal note, Id like to learn more about how common PTSD is in the modern military. my father has has PTSD since I was born and it seriously affected my relationship with him. I just dont want to have the same relationship with my kids. Thanks in advance
Welcome Dr. Fate