May 2, 2012
DC Metro
Hello to all, especially to those of you who have served or continue to serve our great nation . I'm retired Air Force, AFOSI Special Agent, former Illinois State Trooper and St Charles County Missouri Deputy Sheriff and currently, I serve as a Department of the Army Civilian Police Chief in the DC metro area. I joined this group not because I have any true past affiliation with any SF group, but soley because I believe I am like minded as those who have served in that capacity. I believe you are heroes, every since of the word. I did some time as a Detective over at Walter Reed Army Medical Center before becoming a Police Chief and got to know some brothers coming back from down range over in the sand box. All I can say is,.."Whooah" from the bottom of my heart and thank you for doing what must be done,..for all of us,..and for our country.