May 7, 2012
Jacksonville, FL
Hey all,

I served in the Florida Army National Guard as a 35E Radio/Comsec Repairer for 6 years in 3/20th SF GRP ABN Support Company. My professional career also includes time spent with the Marine Corp. as a contractor doing what I did in the Guard for the Marine Corp Maritime Pre-Positioning Force(MPF). for almost 5 years. I work now as an IT Client Manager for Deutsche Bank, a well respected global investment bank. I have my bachelors in Communications-Public Relations from the University of North Florida and love living in Jacksonville. I look forward to connecting with my military brethren.
I'm sorry sir, you seem to have me confused with someone else. I was the guy that got our unit beer, coffee and cigarettes during deployment. You know, kind of like Morgan Freeman in Shawshank Redemption. You must be thinking of his older brother who is notorious with the "bigger" female admirers.​
So you were Juan Valdez bringing the coffee and donkey? Did the chicken fat on her fingers help lubricate things? Inquiring minds want to know! :-"
Well...the same avatar for two members isn't confusing...

Welcome. I'd forgotten about the lunch lady story...LMAO!
LOL more like free and I having to fix his f-ups lol. Oh brother how you took a claymore for the team. She was a plump lass... funny story for another time. Welcome to the team bro.