Apr 19, 2015
Hello all,
(Typing on my phone so I'll do my best to avoid errors.)

I'm 24, spent 4 years active duty Marines over in MCAS Miramar, at squadron 165 (V-22 osprey) as air crew. Did 1 tour to Bastion. I transitioned to Airforce reserve to continue my service and to prepare myself for my dream going into Pararescue. Im working at March ARB, temporarily as aircraft load planner until I can get accepted at a PJ squadron. I'm also currently a Firefighter/EMT in San Diego. Training day in and day out to test for 306th rescue reserve squadron. Thanks for having me.
Welcome, but I'm confused.... have you been through the PJ pipeline and are looking for a unit, or are you waiting for training and a unit?

I have not been through the pipeline. I Am looking to transfer MOS from loadplanner to Pararescue in the reserves. From what I'm told in order to be a PJ reserve you have to go interview with a squadron. Where you take the PAST, they smoke check you and then decide if they will allow you to transfer into there Unit and pay for you to go through the pipeline.
Welcome. I changed the title of this thread. While I'm sure you meant nothing by it, it read as if you are a PJ.

Again, welcome.