Verified Military
Nov 7, 2019
Hello everyone,

My callsign is Jabber. I am a prior service Marine that spent 4 years active duty from 2007-2011. Since a young adolescent, I always wanted to be in the military and wanted try my luck at special forces. Having little knowledge or a mentor to lead me, I joined the USMC without a recon contract (little did I know that force wasn't exactly SF and was stood down for Marsoc at the time, requiring two combat tours). Recruiter told me I can tryout for recon in boot camp, the DI told me I could tryout in SOI, the SOI instructer said you can tryout when you get to the fleet, and my unit said your not going anywhere but you can tryout for scout snipers platoon. After trying out that's where I ended up has a pig in SSP for few years. After doing my time and deployments, I about gave up on my dream when my BC refused to sign off on A&S to keep me for the next deployment. Pissed off at the green weenie, I regrettable made a rash decision and did not reenlist like I was planning too. While transitioning to civilian life I struggled with PTSD, which took a few years to get over. I thought I made some real progress on my own, but I was really just masking it. Finally, I did exposure therapy and I made some real progress. Once I got better, I started contracting and have been since. Recently, I decided at the young age of 34 to pursue my dream of joining the special forces community. I have been struggling getting past a Q&A with any recruiter from 19th or 20th group. I am currently speaking to a regular recruiter just to get in at this point and will worry about SFRE after the first milestone of getting into the guard, after all I will stay in the guard regardless if I make it in or not. I was doing a google search on the subject and came across this form and was hoping some of you could show me the way!