Jan 31, 2020
New York, U.S.A
So im just gonna come right out with it. After reading some people's opinions on recon, I was in a RSTA Troop and yes I posed hard as f as an operator, had my hair just within standards. And Wore non issued gear in theater and in the field. Billy-BadAss.

Now that is out of the way I can say a little about my service. I joined the army right after high school, signed up as 11x became 11c, graduated at the ass end of summer 2009 got lucky and got an airborne slot in osut. Believed I was going to the 509th to play opfor at jrtc. Ended up getting needs of the army right into a cavalry regiment. I had no idea what the hell is going on then a Guy with a ranger scroll grabbed me out of the s shops and brought me to my new home. Not everybody was airborne qualified but my first sergeant had the long tab all a E-6 and above either had ranger tabs or scrolls or both. Almost all the junior enlisted had wings, and my tiny platoon consisted of two sniper teams 2 60mm mortar teams and a fister who in combat was replaced by a Tacp, medic,and 2 E6's that acted in a squad leaders capacity I know that at least one of them attended the army's reconnaissance School, and I learned very quickly that everything I learned at Benning was out the window. I also learned that they usually hand-pick or hold tryouts to get into the troop but they needed a 11c for an upcoming deployment. I was the youngest dude in there.
I was so young that on the c-17 ride over Afghanistan the pilots ask who is the youngest person is I was quickly identified and was allowed to observe flight from the cockpit(I felt like the little kid in Airplane!) Im probably one of the only people that is grateful to the armies big green weenie.
I got to experience some amazing things learned a lot and met a lot of amazing professional,soldiers, airman and yes even Marines. I think the only long lasting effect besides reliving the peak of my life everyday in my head is shin splints and bad knees from all that DRT work. I'm not going to claim I was in some high speed spec ops unit but I will claim that this was not your average infantry company or your everyday cav troop. We shared information. Cross-trained each other in whatever the other didn't know and if somebody went to some school or class when you got back we had to do a little presentation about what you learned. We were professional. Not bound by the heirachy of a line unit nor the bs that comes with that territory. Like tower guard or dismounted patrols right out in the open on the sides of the IED infested roads. Besides that I attended air assault School. And I passed my brigades pre-rasp program. Which is a good idea so that you don't waste time sending people that are going to flunk out without even giving it a good go.
When it was time for me to re-enlist I was given two paths 1 lent rasp and if I made it through and was selected I would have continued my career but the second path was scary enough to make me a bin in my dreams. If I didn't gets elected or if I dropped out I would have to come back and stay at fort Polk. Anybody that's ever been there knows that it is the asshole of the army and the armpit of Louisiana.if you want to have fun you have to drive at least an hour and a half in any direction. That rule also applied to avoiding VD.

So I exited the army still young, not knowing how much I would regret it and not knowing what kould of happened is worse then anyting. Since I been a civilian I have meandered through life trying to look for something fulfilling and for some reason I really like sheetrocking and taping... But in my heart I want to be back, back with the boys.

A week ago I got an email from a security contract company that sought me out on indeed. Then showed me a few open positions, asked me if I was interested in it and gave a reply link.
When I was doing all that hooah, I was younger and for the most part I was single. Now I have a fiance and a four-year-old daughter, and I can not explain to her how my head's getting pulled in two different directions right now. She is completely ignorant of anything military and is scared that I'm going to just disappear and end up in some third world country. I really can't tell if it's her insecurities or genuine concern for my life but if I had to bet on it I'd say she probably can't cut it. The worst thing I seen in a war zone was grown men crying because their spouses left them or cheated and the guys on rear d keeping tabs would break the news way too often. My view on long-distance relationships is jaded.

So this is my intro I hope you liked it I'm sorry for grammatical errors spacing or out of place punctuations but I'm doing this on my cell and I'm using voice to text for the most part. If I have to update this to provide more info about myself besides the army I will.


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