Apr 12, 2020
Hey everybody. Just joined as a member after browsing as a guest for a while now. I’m a 19 year old civilian currently in my first year at a local community college looking to enlist into the Marines under a recon contract prior to getting my associates degree (Sounds like an odd path going to get associates and then enlisting but it is a long story). I’d like to go to A&S when I am qualified to go and pursue a career as a Raider however, that’s a pretty long way from now. I’m in pretty good shape with around a 270 PFT score through my own testing at home so physically I would consider myself somewhat prepared and I will be very prepared when the time comes to in around a year. Anyways probably won’t post a ton on here just because I’m not really qualified to give advice and most of the information is already out there but, I’m looking forward to remaining pretty active and learning as much as I can from the verified guys. Also wanted to say it is pretty awesome that this site is even a thing and I was extremely shocked when I first found this site with verified SOF people actively responding to questions from aspiring SOF people. So I just wanted to say I’m extremely appreciative of this tool and the people who run it.