Jul 8, 2020
Hello all,

To kick things off, I started out in the Coast Guard Reserves back in 2013 where I was trained as a Maritime Enforcement Specialist (ME) and then assigned to a Port Security Unit. Back then the D.O.G. was switching over to just being referred to as "Specialized Forces Units" which of course makes terminology confusing for everyone. After 3.5 years there and a deployment to Cuba I transfered over to the ARNG and was trained as a HUMINT collector (35M) and a Russian linguist. Currently I am working as a federal security contractor for the DOE and am simultaneously working on my BA in Intelligence Studies and prepping for SFAS. It's still unclear whether I will attempt to go through 19th group's selection process or whether I will be able to transfer to active duty on an 18X contract, but the end goal is to end up active duty SF. This forum has already been of massive help to me and I appreciate everyone's experience, input, and service on this forum.