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Jan 10, 2010
Fellow Warriors,

I spent my first 4 years as a Marine in Heavy Weapons platoon (machine guns, TOWs, Dragons/Javelins) with 2nd Bn 3rd Marines. After that I went over to 3rd Marine Regt. Schools to instruct Infantry Squad Leaders, Close-Combat Instructors Course and Non-Lethal Weapons Instructors Course. I finished up with 3 years at the MACE in Quantico, Va. Spent enough time on ship at sea, in the jungle's of Hawaii, Okinawa and Thailand. Good times in Baghdad, Ramadi and Fallujah.

Did a short stint with TC (5 months) and got tired of the "drinking buddy" hookups and piss poor middle management. Went to work on a classified PSD gig in the Baghdad area, OGA guys were a whole nother ball of wax. Good times none the less! I work for the same company now and are heavily involved in security and training projects both CONUS and OCONUS. This place seemed like a good place to tap into a much needed network and help weed out the wanna-bees and bullshiters, keep guys down-range safe by plugging in standup dudes that actually have the qualifications and experience that's on their resume, and continue the camaraderie that warriors share.

I appreciate the opportunity to post....semper fi

SAEPE EXPERTUS, SEMPER FIDELIS, FRATRES AETERNI -"Often Tested, Always Faithful, Brothers Forever"
Welcome aboard Marine.

Semper Fidelis.

I was in Hawaii 2000-2004; any overlap?
"Lamp" was my call sign at TC, only worked for them in Baghdad. Ran around with Ace, Schweaty, Goose, Flex and Sack....left cuz Rico and Warlock were complete fuckin tools.
You'll find plenty of PSD and other contract work people here. Look around see's who's who and you'll find them.

Welcome to Shadowspear !!
Not open for further replies.