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Jun 21, 2009
Hello seems my original Intro was deleted so..

My name is Tom from NJ I am 23. I am trying to enlist in the USAF but if you search for my post in the AFSOC: Combat Control you will read that I am having some issue. My childhood I was intrigued by everything and anything that was military specifically anything that was Special Operations. My father was US Army 3rd ID 68-71. My brother-in-law is USAF stationed down at Mcguire Afb he is a MSGT and he is an instructor at the Expediationary Center. My uncle was apart of Special Forces in Nam (Verfiied by my father) but there is family issues between the brothers and any email's I have sent him asking about his career have gone unanswered. I am unemployed. I worked for 4 1/2 years sitting behind a desk withering away until they cut me 15% and then followed 6 months later with laying me off. One of the biggest regrets in my life is not starting my military career sooner. Why I chose to sit behind a desk, I can come up with no good answer. I spend most of my time working out, running, on and I just recently signed up for swim/dive lessons.

If anyone could help me get somewhere with the Air Force and reach my goal as a CCT it would be greatly apprecaited.
Not open for further replies.