Aug 5, 2010
Hi, I'm an O-2 squid who doesn't want to be one anymore. I realized a little late in life that I actually wanted to be a Marine. Unfortunately, this was after I'd already accepted a Navy ROTC scholarship. My efforts to switch over before commissioning failed, mostly due to my inability at the time to do very many pull-ups (a shortcoming I have since remedied). So, now I'm doing my best at a job that is not very fulfilling, serving out my time. I plan to put in an Inter-Service transfer package toward the end of my 4-year commitment with the intention of transferring into the Marine Corps as an O-1, since it would be hard (if not impossible) for me to get my desired MOS (0302) as an O-2 or even O-3. I am extremely interested in the world of Special Operations, and the thought of possibly one day joining the ranks of MARSOC or Force Recon is very attractive to me, although I think I would be very happy as a grunt, as well.

Remember that as an officer, the Corps doesn't allow you to hand-pick your MOS unless you're an aviator or a lawyer. Make sure you're prepared to not only be MARSOC, FR, or "grunt", but to also be a supply officer, logistics officer, or communications officer.
Hi there.
I am a foreigner and spent a tour for a couple of years at Pendleton between 94 and 96, where I had a great time training with 1st. Force Recon.
A great bunch of warriors!!!
Best advice from a guy who's been there, if you have a route your heart is set on going do it NOW. You can make up the time and the pay cut, and it's always better to throw your hat in the ring and try it rather than sit in the retirement home talking about what might have been. If you're not married and don't have kids that's all the more reason to go for it, once you do making a radical life-changing decision is extraordinarily tough. My :2c: