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Dec 27, 2010
Jedi Center of Excellence
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Hey guys, I (my wife and I) recently decided I'm going to make a career out of the Army, and in going that route I decided I will put in to reclass to MI. I have had some knee problems in the past, and I think going the MI route will be a little easier to sustain physically over a 20-30 year career. In doing the research, I cam across this site and saw there was alot of good info to be had on SOF MI. I served in C co. 1/75 from 2006-2010 as an 11B, so I have a solid SOF background and really have no interest in serving in conventional units unless I absolutely have to. I volunteered to come out on recruiting duty earlier this year and am doing that for the next 2.5 years, basically to give my wife a break after five rotations in batt. I am a vetted member over on (same screen name), and I can do whatever needs to be done over here as well. I look forward to the information available on the site, and let me know if anyone ever needs anything of me.

We have a number of SOF MI types on here from a broad range of assignments and units. At a minimum they should be able to help you out in the knowledge department.