Jan 23, 2011
Bellevue, Nebraska
Im 18 years old currently in the Army Reserves. MOS 89A, ammunition stock control spec. Been in the Army for little over 6 months. I have always been interested in Special Forces. Im trying to go active duty still debating what MOS i should reclass to. Im here to get some information about Special Forces and what it takes to become one. My goal is to be a Special Forces medic but i dont know where to start on becoming one. Any info would be grateful, Thanks!
You will not feel very welcome after this post, no apologies, and I don't normally warn targets that they are in the sights... It's Monday and I'm feeling generous.

This site has a lot of info ... a quick look at the main forums would show you a a sub-forum "US Army Special Forces" a quick search and some research would give you a lot of ideas...

You didn't look very hard for the quals to be a Special Forces Medic... if you would have just looked here you would have had a good start... or you could just talk to a Special Forces Recruiter when you are on AT ...

Lack of initiative will keep you from getting selected though...

Yes, my screen name is real, ... you might want to re-think your approach to information/intel collection, right now that burger has a large portion of fail sauce slathered on it.

Have a very non-SF day ...
Welcome to the site, thank you for your decision to serve and best of luck with your goal of joining SF.

Any info would be grateful, Thanks!
two words: "search button."
Welcome to SS! The Troll (X-SF Medic) has sent you a VERY valuable message, heed it! I wish you good luck with your military ambitions. The google and other search buttons are your friends.