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Mar 18, 2011
Hi all. 5 yr Active Duty Army 35M been deployed to AF and preparing to attend SFAS. Here to see what kind of info I can find.
Thanks all. I already read Chosen Soldier and I reference Get Selected for questions here and there. I am also attending the SFAS prep training conducted on base during our PT hours. I know none of this can truly prepare someone for the challenges ahead but every little tip I can get along the way is much appreciated. I am also thinking about what I can do in the SOF community that is still related to my MOS. I would like to know more about SR, Scuba, and Sniper opportunities since these are the areas that interest me the most. Thanks again!
Chosen Soldier is a good book - but dated - forget the G2 even about the jobs - you stated your goal is SF, step one is getting to SFAS, step 2 is getting Selected, step 3 is making through the Q course, step 4 is then learning what it's all about. You cannot understand it until you are on a Team and that's where you really learn.

No tips - go in wanting it, and be willing to sacrifice everything to achieve each 25m target. Nothing anybody tells you will be accurate from one minute to the next, much less from one class to the next - 99.99% of it is heart.

Quit friggin arguing and go do PT, Land Nav, then more PT and then read Go Rin No Sho, The Art of War, War through the Ages, and On Warfare (for a start) Your light reading could include the Dorsai series and some of John Ringo's stuff.
Best of luck to you. Take everything in you read here and apply what you have been taught.
Thanks all. I'm glad I found this page and I know I will be more knowledgeable because of it.