Introduction/About Me


Jul 14, 2020

I've been a lurker here on the forums for quite some time and decided to go ahead and create an account. I am currently a senior in college and I have always been interested in pursuing the military after undergrad, in particularly special operations. You've heard the story, ever since a young child I've gone through the phases of wanting to be in every conceivable SOF unit, but during the past few months I have narrowed my focus and training down towards the path of a 68W w/ option 40 contract. My long-term goal would be to apply to medical school post military and work as an emergency physician if I go this route.

It is not a sure decision by any means and I am strongly looking at the Coast Guard rescue swimmer path as well due to it seemingly having a better quality family life stateside. It is a decision I am making alongside with the woman I plan to marry.

However, there is another side of me that feels that pursing the Ranger Regiment would be selfish to the relationship, so I am currently in the process of applying to various first responder jobs after graduation with the intention of joining either the AF Reserves as a PJ or the National Guard as SF. Of course they wouldn't be devoid of deployments, and the time commitments with these units is considerable when compared to other options in the reserves, but it is a compromise and I still get to serve in the capacity I desire to. It's hard when you want balance since sacrifices are an inherit part of life and especially of those that take this path.

I know this is all over the board, and it does not help that I am not usually one to talk about myself, so typing this all out is a bit scatterbrained. I'll cut myself off here...

I am looking forward to interacting with the community - thank you for the information and the guidance for SOF hopefuls.