Introduction and First Post - ozarknatural1836


Oct 29, 2020
Hello everyone,

I am a civilian taking the steps to join the Army. I am working with the recruiter in Okinawa to go down to Torii Station MEPS on Nov. 8 and enter the DEP. Will hopefully be in a reception battalion by September 1, 2021. I intend to sign for 18Xray, 11B option 40, or 13F option 40 depending on availability and my qualifications after testing and evaluations. Until that point, I am focusing on my most immediate concerns - fitness and ASVAB.

However, I am seeking up to date insight from recent or currently serving members in regiment or in one of the groups. Specifically, the academic routines. How long are you studying your language(s) each day? How much is divided between book work learning job specific tasks and practical exercises?

I am also torn between taking an Option 40 first trying out for SFAS later or just taking an 18Xray. I would like to have some insight especially from someone who has done both, if possible. Would like some advice if possible.

Once a contract is signed, I would like to find a mentor and do my part contributing to this community.


College educated. Double major with 30 hour minor. Graduated with honors four year ago. Studied abroad twice. Austria, 6 months. Japan, one year. Language background: Spanish, German, Latin, Japanese. No longer speak German (Japanese pushed it out). Current language ability - middle school level. I`ve been interviewed live on radio, have given speeches and presentations and have carried on conversations for hours with the occasional help of google translate. Wife is Japanese. Living in Japan now teaching English building practical English speaking capacity to my students. Before, I was the strategic communications director for my state`s trade promotion agency. I have had amazing opportunities, but was never fulfilled in those roles. Heart has always longed to join the armed forces.

After surviving one family crisis after another, mental illness of loved ones, the challenges of living in a foreign country (though developed), dealing with foreign cultures, and a tumultuous long distance relationship/marriage for two years (sometimes seeing each other once for a short time in a 12 month period), and lots of other challenges in the past four years - I think I am at least a little inoculated for the mental and emotional rigors of selection. Physical is now my next hurdle.

Being in Japan, I am blessed with some amazing geography, terrain and natural environments to enjoy. Oceans for swimming are not far. Plenty of mountains and volcanoes to ruck on. It`s quite a special experience to go train in some of these places where warriors did the same thing a thousand years ago. You`ll be suddenly hiking and come up on some ancient ruins or a thousand year old shrine. Living here makes fitness easy. My current job gives me plenty of time to study. Japanese food is healthy and delicious.

My friends and I here love to challenge ourselves physically and are adherents of the strenuous life. Recently, we did a 50 mile ruck around the prefecture in less than 20 hours. After mile 30 every step was pain but it was so much fun. Would absolutely do it again.

Reasons for Joining the Army (and combat arms MOS)

I have a lot. Can share more if necessary. In short, for the following:

- More active, outdoor lifestyle
- Hate desk jobs and computers
- Want to work on a team (brotherhood while accomplishing a task is extremely fulfilling)
- Want to do work that matters
- More discipline and character development
- Have more pride in myself, who I am and what I do.
(I was a fat butterball wimp that hid from the hard stuff as a teen, so I missed out on opportunities to learn important lessons. I want to reclaim those now before its too late.)
- Contribute and do my part for our country - if its not me doing it, then it`s someone else`s kid is going to bear the burden of service
- I love camping, hiking, backpacking, being out in the suck, training, shooting, all the fun boy scout stuff on steroids, so why not get paid for it?
- Plenty of future opportunities with career, education, etc, loan repayment.

Why SF or Regiment?

I don`t consider myself all that badass, hooah, high speed or anything. But I do have a lot of fun going through challenges. I`ve had a lot in my travels. Something inside me just comes alive. Sometimes you get stuck far away from home after a bad day, transportation is down and the only choice is to trek back for 8 miles in monsoon weather. So why not make it fun and give yourself two hours or less to get back? Or maybe your car breaks down in the middle of a winter night and the only option is to start pushing until some stops to help. Its a lot of fun to see what you can handle. Things that I would have let defeated me years ago are like a walk in the park now. If I join, I want to do something unique, special, fulfilling and gives you pride for succeeding. Lastly, I want to be among quality, professional people who are intelligent and serious about what they do rather than be with a bunch of 18 years olds in a regular line unit. Seems awful. Also a higher chance of actually getting to do your job and coming away with experiences that you can then take and use to build up other people.

That`s all. Was this too long? I appreciate you reading if you made it this far. I`m looking forward to engaging with you here.