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Feb 4, 2024
Hello ShadowSpear community,

I am a 30 year old male, with a personal training background of 10+ years, currently applying for Air Force ROTC. I intend to pursue an engineering degree at the University of Central Florida. The MOS I intend to apply for is that of either a Combat Rescue Officer or a Special Tactics Officer (18x). I want to learn what I need to do with my time at ROTC so that my phase 1 application is exemplary and my physical and mental fitness is elite. Any information regarding physical and mental preparedness is appreciated. I have scoured these forums thoroughly and have used the SEARCH FUNCTION!

I have thoroughly searched these websites as well:
Youtube - one ready, various videos showing pipeline schools.
And many more.

I would like to start a club at UCF as I have heard they do not have a Special Warfare Club( people who train together for A&S/Prep).

I would like to learn more about the mentorship program on this forum.

Currently, I do not know my 1RM for any of my lifts as I have not had access to a gymspace that has barbells or machines. I have been consistently lifting, running, and rucking. I need to add in swimming for water competency, and cycling to reduce cardio mileage for running/rucking. Additionally, I need to find a buddy to 'drown' me in the water (buddy breathing, water rescue). PAST will be easy for me but difficult on a bad day.

Height: 6' 3.75"
Weight: 190-200
Age: 1 mo. from 30
Bodyfat: 10% or less
Goal: 220 w/ at least 10% bf

At one time my 1 RM were as follows: (I will be able to return to these number with appropriate time and conditioning; within 6 mo easy)
Deadlift/ trap bar deadlift: 315+
Bench: 245+

Back squat: 315+
Goal: 315+

Row: 155+

OHP: 155+
Goal 165+

Pullup: 100 lbs
Goal: 100 lbs

5 mile time- 30 min with hills (75 ft, 150ft)
Goal: to match above

500 yard swim- sub 8 minutes.
Goal: to match above

I am able to swim 25 meters underwater effectively.

Could easily ruck 5 miles in under an hour with 20-30# weighted vest.

Things I need to work on:
Nutrition- calorie intake
Training- appropriate conditioning for the remaining time I have.
Resume- optimizing resume to be the man that the selection board wants.

At some point I intend to attend one or all of the Be A PJ physical preparation courses.

If anyone would like to take the time to offer a little assistance for any of the information given, please, PM/DM me.

Thank you,

If anyone would like to take the time to offer a little assistance for any of the information given, please, PM/DM me.
Welcome to the Forum. Traditionally we don’t answer a lot of questions in the ‘welcome’ section. Your best bet would be to copy/paste your post into a section of the forum that most interests you and get some discussions started there.