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Jul 8, 2010
Class of 72 out of The Citadel, RA Infantry, Benning from August 72 until Feb 73 IOBC, Ranger then Airborne school, and then in March 73 out to 25th ID Schofield Barracks, 1st Bn 19th Inf, 1st Bde.

Back to Benning for IOAC in July 76, and came off active duty in Feb 77 into the Texas ARNG 49th AD to an Armor Bn.

Colorado in 82 and into 5th Bn, 19th SF until 88 when the Guard moved me to a desk job at STARC.

Competitive service rifle and service pistol shooter, never saw combat.

Any other questions, just ask.
Glad to see your a shooter, what states/teams did/do you shoot for?

I was on the TXARNG-HHC 1/141INF team under SFC Grieley and then later the USAR-SARG team and First US Army HQ team. Mainly Combat EIC for the Army, Service Rifle and Pistol since I was 15 on the NRA/CMP side of the house, but ive been out of the loop since 2007.

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