Introduction: Roy Guerry Bowen

Bowen-Roy Guerry

Nov 11, 2017

As I briefly stated when completing my profile information to become a tentative member of this site, yet further embellishing my personal information in this introductory note, I am retired, yet still consider myself to be a Ranger. Freely willing to embellish with whatever I recognize as unclassified information, I first entered a Ranger unit immediately after cadre training of the recently reactivated 2nd RGR Bn. at Ft. Lewis, under the command of LTC Baker, CSM Morgan, having CPT Ohl and 1SG Schalavin (SP?) as my C 2/75 RGR leadership, and served in its WPN PLT with the M-19, 60mm mortar, in the capacity of a gunner then FDC. As a commissioned officer (having stored and not immediately available my BN yearbooks and not remembering the names of my initial leadership), having for the majority of my assignment subordinate to my CO, CPT David W. Barno (AKA know to us most loving subordinates as: "DW", "Buck-slip Barno", and "Devious Dave") with the most competent 1SG Acebes in C 1/75 RGR, I fulfilled the responsibilities of WPN's PL and later XO. I still carry my 1st and 2nd Bat. Ranger Challenge Coins, with which I have challenged and successfully obtained beer from other unprepared Ranger Battalion members, active and retired.

Just 3 more succinct points reflecting my philosophy:
1. As a Ranger, having graduated in Class 6-76, I fully realized that I merely fulfilled as well as possible my God-given physical and mental abilities. In no way did I ever look down on those less gifted. I fully realized that Rangers and other Special Operation's groups are merely the shiny teeth of a huge supporting dragon, each part essential for establishing a united team effort to fight and defeat our national enemies.
2. Given the predominate foe of our great nation being the communists in my career, wherever found, despite the Soviet capitulation and rediscovering God and whatever other smoke they blew at the general public, I still cannot stand those evil (fill in your favorite, colorful metaphor). I will never trust them. However, I have adopted an equal attitude towards any and all contemporary enemies to our beloved republic.
3. Notwithstanding my service related injuries, if ever given the opportunity to repeat my Ranger experience, and fully knowing the future "price of doing business", I now uncomplainingly endure, I sure as "H" - "E" - "Double hockey sticks" would do it all over again!

Apart from digging out of a huge box and posting photographs of me as a Ranger, posting the completed questionnaire I provided for someone writing his master's thesis on Operation Urgent Fury, and posting scanned images of my 1st and 2nd Ranger Battalion coins, please, someone tell me how I should further prove I was a Ranger. Furthermore, given this is not some site packed with the usual bureaucratic speed bumps to effective training and combat deployment, please tolerate any typos, or grammatical/syntactical/diction/et al. errors. No, I will not recite the "Ranger Creed". Besides, I am anxious to get on with things and exchange war stories and other lies with you all.

Roy Guerry Bowen