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Jul 28, 2011
Riverside, CA
Hello everyone. I would like to start out with a big thank you for letting me be a part of this site. I am currently speaking to recruiters to figure out what branch I am going to serve in. Though my ultimate goal is to become a Navy SEAL. So at this point I am merely watching this site from the side lines, because I have no right to say a word. I do plan on asking many questions though in the upcoming weeks. Again, thank you for letting me be a part of this. I am sure many people just take it as another feed or forum site, but I take it as an honor.

Welcome, good luck.
BTW- It's SEAL. Seal=animal that bounces balls on it's nose at the aquarium.

I went into his post and fixed it for him, I'd hate for one of our resident SEALs to come along and see that, would be a bad way for him to start off ;)

Welcome to the site, Dustin!
Sorry about that guys...No disrespect intended. Btw are there any forums that go over all the abbreviations used on the site? I am slowly picking up on them, but it would be awesome to actually know all of them.

Thanks Marauder06!
We used to have an acronym and abbreviation thread somewhere here on the site, I think.
Now that I read my introduction it is clear that I was not very clear. I just meant that I am looking into everything to make sure there is nothing else I want to do or that would better suit me. The NAVY is what I am 95% sure I will do. Sorry for the confusion there.
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