Oct 30, 2011
Hello, my name is Joe. I am currently a Navy Seabee serving on my second tour in Kandahar, Afghanistan. I am a reservist, after the completion of this deployment i am requesting a conditional release so that i may transfer to the US Army on an 18x contract. My goal's here are to "sponge" any and all information to help better prepare myself for what's ahead. My weakness's are long distance running and land navigation. I have been working diligently on the running, and i am in the process of setting up to attend a civilian land nav school that caters to aspiring Special Forces candidates after my demob. Please, any constructive critisism or advice is welcomed. Thank You.
Welcome to the site, fellow Sailor. Thank you for your service and good luck with your goals.
SOWT, I am with 30NCR. If you mean 22NCR, they will be taking over for us in a few months. NCR's are a small unit (under 80 people) so i will be running into him.
Welcome to SS. Thank you for your service, in Kandahar no less. Best of luck with your inter-service transfer, and subsequent plans.

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