Nov 2, 2011
Hello folks
I am graduating college in June and am hoping to join the military eventually, hopefully in an infantry or perhaps SOF capacity. I have knee problems (college football) that will require a 5th (and hopefully final) surgery this coming summer and then as per my ortho I'll have a normal knee. The recovery process is pretty long, so I'm trying to find a job in the meantime.

I will also be keeping my service options open. I had originally considered Marine Corps OCC, but now with 2 years or so to research and get in shape, I am keeping my options open.

Right now I am trying to get rid of my linebacker/defensive end weight with a mixture of calisthenics, rowing, swimming, biking, and some of the crossfit stuff that isn't so rough on the knees.

I'll probably mostly be lurking but I do want to say thanks for the resources.

Have a good one

I am writing a military analysis paper trying to determine the best way close the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan. It'll end up being 40-50 pages and I'm focusing more on the quantitative than qualitative, i.e. "how many drones flying how many missions would it take to surveil Pass A?"

I imagine some of you may have ideas, so if you have some suggestions let me know. Sorry if vague

Just stay off the red bull when paper writing - make make a difference in your grade. ;)