Verified Military
Feb 4, 2012
Good afternoon,
I am currently stationed onboard a ship at sea. I am 21 and I am trying to get everything lined up to put in a package for BUD/s. I joined the navy to become a SEAL and I will not compromise until I attain that goal.

I have wanted the oportunity to become an NSW operator for as long as I can remember. I have been around some SEALS (active and retired) and various other special forces guys and that is the company and brotherhood I enjoy being around. Those men are the true spirit of American freedom. To serve beside them would be the utmost honor that only a few will ever understand, especcially in this world today.

So for now I will sit back and become a "sponge" and listen to the conversations on these forums and only ask questions when necissary. So if anyone has any advice I am here to learn all that I can.
Hi Jrod, glad to have you here on the site. I edited out the information identifying you and your ship. I did so for both OPSEC and your own protection. I also corrected some minor misspellings and such, I don't normally do that but since I was already in your post, I went ahead and took care of it. Again, glad to have you here, and thank you for choosing to serve your country. Best of luck in your attempt to become a SEAL.

Not going to wish you luck, because only hard work, dedication, more hard work and effort will gain you the remote possibility that you'll attain your goal.

Thanks for covering my ass, I understand the boundaries for OPSEC on this site, the line wont be crossed again. Im also curious on how to become a verified member. Do I have to upgrade my account?.

Just click the "vetting" tab up top and the rest is pretty self explanatory bro.