To be honest there's not much to share lol. Last year was the first time I seriously thought about what I wanted to do for a career, with graduation getting so close and all. After a ton of research and soul-searching I found out that I didn't want a 9-5 job crammed in a cubicle, I wanted to make a difference, to travel all over the world with friends, and so this naturally led me to the military. After talking to my parents, (who are both military vets) and more research this year I decided I want to be SF, specifically Ranger. As you can probably guess, I'm not in the best of shape ESPECIALLY to join SF, I have about a year left to prepare before I ship out (enlisting February 12 for option 40 contract) and I'm trying to put it to best use. I was looking for advice on the net to get an inkling of what RASP might be like and lo and behold, a website that offers that and so much more. Seeing as how I only have a year to whip my body into shape, ANY advice on workouts and conditioning is more than welcome. My ultimate goal in the military is Delta Force, just putting that out there ;). Thank You :D
Welcome to the site. The search button is your friend here. There are a lot of posts in the Fitness and Nutrition forum that address various diet and workout protocols, injury prevention, stretching, and damn near anything else you could want to know to start to begin to get yourself physically prepared for a shot at being a Ranger. I would suggest reading through those, all of those, before you start any new threads with questions of how to prep for RASP. Good luck.