Aug 1, 2012
Hello community. I am currently a student in High School who is very interested in getting an Option 40 contract for the U.S. Army to get an oppurtunity to try out for the 75th Ranger Regiment. I am very serious about this, I work out a lot and talk to my recruiters often. I have the utmost respect for our current and former military service members, and I just want my last few years in High School to go by super fast so I can finally join up. Again, hello ShadowSpear community and I'm very interested in talking to you guys.
Welcome to the site. Motivation is great, but don't burn yourself out before you even get to Ft. Benning. Enjoy being a kid while you can. You'll spend a lot of time down the road getting your shit kicked in. No need to do it to yourself just yet. ;)