Jul 3, 2016
I am a former 35N Cryptologic Linguist. I completed my enlistment in 2012. I've worked on two programs since then on as-needed basis. 15 months ago I started surfing and since then I pretty much have just been in the water every chance I get. I needed a break to get my house in order. I am on the tailend of accomplishing that and I registered as a member because of the authentic content and community. Specifically, the direct, no-bullshit communication of interactions.
AD APR 2004 - MAY 2008
IRR MAY 2008 - MAR 2010
AD MAR 2010 - MAY 2012
A Co 2d MI BN, 66 MI GRP
A Co 319 BN, 525 BFSB
Watch Officer/Legal Attache Centcom
Embassy Duty - Africa.

Basic. 98C AIT at Goodfellow. Assigned 2d MI BN. Mixture of short turn around deployments attached as individual augmentee to units operating in Northern AF-Pak Border Region in 2005, and 2006. two stints of embassy duty, and real-time operational support shop - Agency Liaison.
Individual augmentee to USN in Mediterranean. Cross-trained 98B. TDY to CONUS tactical for training in NC.
PCS to Bragg. Attached to unit in DC en route. External liason - operational cryptologic support for fusion center small team.
Feb 2007 - May 2007
2nd Duty Station: Ft Bragg - Tactical Sigint Collection Team member sent through individual training at Blackwater, USA's Moyock, NC facility immediately prior to deploying in support of the GWOT.
Graduated and immediately pulled from the big army and tasked to support national. Injured serving on a Joint Task Force supporting the GWOT. Didn't kill my career. Kept going, and a minor hiccup turned into a serious medical event. Took a shit ton longer to recover then I anticipated. The guys calling the shots thought I was good to go and until the physics beat out personal momentum they were accurate. Self-correcting experience.
IRR recall: Assigned to national level.
That is about it.