Jan 22, 2017
Hello all!

Ever since high school I had an interest in joining the military. My parents completely shut those ideas down, and pushed me into college.

I've always loved history and wanted to study it and become a teacher, or do political science and work in government but they shut those ideas down as well. "No money" "No prestige" "You'll be nobody".

5 years of school, studying a topic I have no interest in, but deemed "appropriate", 9-5 office job internship at a big company. This isn't what I want.

After a lot of research and thinking I've decided to Enlist through option 40 in the US army.

I want to be a Ranger. I want to do this. Deep down this something that I've always wanted to do, and was always pushed away from pursuing.

My parents are good people, have always done right. I love and respect them deeply. And this decision may break their hearts. But If i stay in the path they want, I'll never achieve my ambitions and goals, and be living their idea of my life not my own.

Do any you guys have any experience on breaking the news to the folks? I'm prepared to take the fallout from them, and I know the risks in making this decision.

Thank you for reading.
Greetings. Best of success to you in your future goals and objectives!

There's a lot going on in your intro. I'd advise starting a fresh thread outside of your intro thread.