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Jul 9, 2018
Hey everyone,

I’ve been a lurker on here for over a year and now that the ball seems to finally be rolling with my enlistment process, I figured it would be best to finally register. However, I do have a few roadblocks, both physically and legally, that have prolonged my process.

First off, I come from a military family. My dad was with 7th ID, then 3/75th in Panama and 7th group throughout his career and I would love to follow in his footsteps. I’m a 23 years old, graduated from college in 2017 with a degree in criminal justice after playing division II college football for 4 years. Unfortunately, I played through most injuries in college, so I ended up needing a few surgeries.

PCL reconstruction (right knee) 2014
Labrum repair (Left shoulder) 2016
Lateral release (left knee) 2017

I have all the proper releases from my doctors and physical therapists, including 2 from Womack, that have cleared me for military service and minus a little more cracking and popping, I'm good to go.

The legal roadblock would be that I got a misdemeanor DWI when I was 18. Absolutely no excuse for it. I’m just happy the officer pulled me over before I did harm to anyone. I didn’t go to court until I was 20 and so the charge is only 3 and ½ years old, which makes my CJ degree basically obsolete for another 2 years.

With this rap sheet, it’s understandable why my process is taking as long as it is, so I’m just trying to stay patient. My end goal is to make it in the Regiment, either with an option 40, earning a slot in basic or getting there organically during my career. I scored an 84 on the ASVAB with a 123 GT and my APFT is between 280-290 with my 5-mile time being around 38 minutes. After 2 recruiters and many months of waiting, I should hear back from my MEPS prescreen in a couple of weeks.

I’m here to learn as much information as I can on everything from the proper PT prepping to help with getting my contract and advice on whatever else will come up during this process. I apologize for the long-winded introduction. I figured it was best to give too much pertinent information than not enough.


Sep 12, 2012
Welcome and best of success to you. Reminder that any/all questions and updates where you are seeking comment should be started in a separate thread.