Sep 6, 2018
Hey everyone,
My name is Boone, I am 26, and I am currently in the process of enlisting into the Marine Corps. A little back story on myself, I am prior service with the U.S. Army, did 2 years in law enforcement, and am currently working as a private investigator in NC. My chief from my time in law enforcement is a former recon marine and always stated, with my desires and skill sets, I would make a good member of the teams. I have been to the recruiters and talked to them, and am currently waiting on MEPS to approve my medical paperwork for enlistment. I know that 0321 is the way I want to go, between the training, the mission, not to mention the community and caliber of people that I would get to work with, I feel like it is the only way for me. I would love any, and all advice on prep for BRC as well as what life is like when you get to your unit. I am currently training most everyday, my PFT scores are consistently in the 270-285 range. I grew up near the water, and am a scuba diver so the water portions aren't something that I think I will struggle with. I know that this is what I want to do, and I know that I wont quit, my only concern is injuries. Can anyone give any insight into what happens if you get an injury at MART, BRPC, or BRC?