Sep 6, 2018
Good morning, good afternoon, and good evening.

I'm a fresh recruit here on the ShadowSpear forums and I look forward to getting to know you all. I am currently joining up with the Army, and will be taking a trip down to MEPS within the next few days. It's been a bit of a trip for me to get to this point, and my struggles won't end until that approval from the Doc, but signing up for this lifetime deal is something I have looked forward to since I was young. My parents were both Army and a number of other members of my family have been Military, but most of all; some of the people I respect the most have been military. For me, this is like walking down the red carpet. However, the door to the big event is a long ways off. Twenty years away.

Going in I have three goals (more if you want to really break them apart), some of which a few of you may chuckle at. I've got them in my head and will be using them as a reminder as to why I joined;
1. Become the best human being I can possibly be and keep that humanity regardless of what happens.
2. Become Airborne Certified and Achieve the Ranger Tab.
3. Retire after building a career that I will neither forget nor regret.

Should everything go well at MEPS, I'll take my first step towards achieving my goals. Along the way, I look forward to the struggles I will face, and the bonds I will make.

Thank you for having me.