SOF Support
Mar 19, 2019
The land of potatoes, mountains, and good beer.
Hey everyone,

I am currently on terminal leave with the Air Force. I did six years as Security Forces, in a DAGRE section for 4.5 years. I did not choose Security Forces, and anyone familiar with the Air Force should know that SecFo can be a cesspool of shitbaggery. Although the career field was indeed an infectious, cannibalistic one I was lucky enough to be assigned to AFSOC and in turn selected for DAGRE. I gained some really good experience through the section and received good training and awesome deployments. Through these TDYs and deployments I was again fortunate enough to work alongside almost every type of SOF team in SOCOM. Something about the ODA guys I met inspired me to do as they do and and do one of the most important jobs in the war right now.

I'm in EMT-B school now, I've applied to every Fire Department in the PNW (that I qualify for) that's hiring right now. My plan is this: if I do not get hired or at least get some legitimate traction with a Fire Department by late summer/early fall, I'm looking to join the Army National Guard on the "try one" contract. I'm in contact with the SF recruiter at Group and I'm submitting the application, which is a huge pain in the dick. If I do get hired by a FD within my time frame I'm going to stick around for the Fire Academy and likely my probationary year and then go-ahead with the same NG SF plan.

I have gained some of the very real DD214 weight and let myself get pretty soft so priority one for me now is fixing that. I just started running, rucking, and doing cals again. I have the THOR3 SFAS prep program and I ordered Stew Smith's book last night so I'll see which one seems better and get after it. Took my APFT yesterday and, to keep myself accountable, my numbers are this: 61 Push-ups, 58 Sit- ups, 12 pull-ups, and 15:10 on the 2 mile run. Worst shape I've been in since before I joined.

Anyway, I'm grateful for the opportunities afforded to me by this great Country and our Military and I'm thankful that I've got a resource like ShadowSpear to help me out and give me access to mentors. I would appreciate any advice, and mentorship I can get.