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Jun 15, 2019
Good morning Gents!

I'll be going by Zulien (an old online nametag) and I've been lurking your great forum since 2010.

I used this site among others to gather as much opinion and thoughts on the military before I joined in 2013.

I served from 2013 to 2016 active duty, now I serve in the NG. I'm an 11B and deployed OEF 13-14 with 1ID!

Middle class blue collar family growing up, Eagle Scout, wrestling and track teams. Wanted to join from a young age

First joined with the intention of an Opt 40 but needed a waiver so was denied. Ended up setting my sights for SFAS after some time in, eventually met my lovely wife and made the decision to ETS from active.

My goal is to attend SFAS still, determined to be selected guard side for 19th group. Squaring away my civilian career first. I'm a Union Pipefitter and have been learning a field entirely new to me (never interested in mechanics before). Finishing my degree in intellectual history is currently at the bottom of the list of goals that WILL be accomplished. Not stressing too much on which 18 series MOS I'd get, I would be honored to learn any craft. First goal is getting to SFAS anyways!

Hobbies and things I'm passionate about:
>Social sciences and humanities
>Utilizing the Search button
>Being a father
>Driving my wife crazy
>PBR consumption
>Weight lifting

Thank you gentlemen, ready to learn more wisdom
PBR consumption?

Dude, Budweiser Light is the only cheap bear worth consuming. Well maybe a few Nattie lights, okay well maybe a few Lone Star lights, I mean, well Keystone...IDK

As for all that other stuff, welcome grunt.