Jan 13, 2020
Howdy, I’m a former Marine Reservist in his early 20’s. I spent all of my time stateside and am about as much of a boot as a Marine can be. Currently I’m going to school full time for a BA in Economics. I’m heavily considering going 18x in 2 years (after bachelors) thanks to prior service rules that mean I’m treated like a new enlistee. During that time I’ll be training and learning as much as I can to make myself a better asset for any role I may potentially earn a spot in. I may push out the timeline as I have opportunities for short (1-2yr) graduate fellowships and foreign service opportunities (With language learning) that I feel would be beneficial regardless of my decision to attempt selection and being part of an SF team.

The unique mission sets of SF has led me to doing a good amount of research and ShadowSpear always seems to be the place I end back up at. I made this account to continue that research, but also to express my gratitude for all the amazing professionals in this community and their willingness to share information and bring young ones like me up to speed on what the lifestyle is like and what it costs. the ShadowSpear community has been a great reference as I work to build my career and I thank all of you for building and maintaining it.