Jan 5, 2020

I am twenty three years old and have worked as a bouncer/secuirty for pretty much my entire adult life with small stints here and there working in construction and lighting design. I was a philosophy major for three years before I left college and decided to travel. Im from the Midwest but in the past two years have "lived" in Alaska, Hawaii, and recently Colorado before moving back to the Midwest to get married. Next place I wanted to go was Mongolia, but now having actual responsibility for once in my life I decided against it for the time being.

I am currently in the process of enlisting into the army. I am hoping to land an 18x contract, but if they are not available id be more than happy to take a 11x contract. Joining the groups has always been something that I dreamed about, I knew a few former/current group guys who went to my previous powerlifting gym and the limited stories they told really made me respect/admire them as men. Learning the ways and living with other cultures while trying to both improve their lives and protecting the people I love back at home is what appeals to me most about Special Forces.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and thank you all for your service.