Aug 2, 2020
I’m 26 married with no kids at the moment. I currently work in HVAC and although it could provide a good living the biggest regret of my life was not enlisting at 18. At that point in my life and until around 22 I was severely overweight sitting at 280-285. So now at 26 I’m in the best shape of my life my wife and I agreed that the military would be a great opportunity for us and that I shouldn’t put it off any longer.
I’m working with an Air Force recruiter trying to get a TACP or CCT contract. The idea of controlling aircraft in a combat environment really interests me as well as being a force multiplier.

I’ve dug through some older threads on here looking for relevant information in the past and have figure it was time to create an account. Thank you for the add as well as all the information provided on this website.