USMC Retired
SOF Support
Oct 9, 2020
I just discovered this site while perusing the internet. I am a retired Marine with 22 years of active duty from 1984 through 2006. After that I was a contractor for 6 years and then retired in 2012. I have been stationed in KBay, HI, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Camp Pendleton, CA and have worked as a radio operator, motorcycle courier, machine gunner, stinger missile gunner, drill instructor, ANGLICO team guy, SNCO Academy instructor, Comm Chief, Company Gunny and then retired out of 1st Recon Bn as a 1st Sgt. in 2006. After that I took an Instructor job at 1st Special Operations Training Group (SOTG) at Camp Pendleton for 6 years and finally retired for good, moving to rural Middle Tennessee in 2012.
I truly loved my time in the Corps and would have stayed longer but I was struck down by a disease called CFS/ME which is progressive, has no cure and saps all my energy; I am now considered to be 100% disabled. I look forward to reading through this site over the next few days and getting to know folks.
I was way before you, was one of the originals when all of recon was stood up. I was selected to go to 2d by the Corps.