Nov 16, 2020
Not really sure where to start!
I've always wanted to be a Green Beret, it's been a constant itch in the back of my mind since I was 8. My family business is related to the firearms industry, so I was always around military and special forces personnel. I ended up pursuing a career as a software developer, for the security, and I have always been interested in tech.

I thought the money and security would make me happy, but the itch only got bigger. I find myself fantasizing almost every minute of every day about it. I'm getting older, and I'm wondering if I'm too old at this point, so I joined to get some perspective if it is the right move for me. I am heavily looking into the 19th and I've been in contact with my recruiter.

I'm 30, my wife is just beginning med school so we see each other very little, I feel like it would be a good time now. I'm physically in the best shape of my life.

Hoping to solidify my decision, and get an idea of how to plan my next steps.

Appreciate all of the help and advice I can get.