Mic Shawn Bon

With My Life If Need Be
Verified SWAT
Oct 11, 2010
Tulsa, Oklahoma
Buds call me Mic. I decided to join this forum to network out to others in the Community. I am a Sheriff Deputy and SWAT Operator out of Tulsa. I spent several years on the Entry Team prior to being asked to join Snipers. I dedicate most of my time and energy now towards growing in this field to better serve my Teammates and the citizens I protect. I look forward to developing more professional relationships in this area to better my understanding. If any of you are in the Tulsa area and would like more information on joining the Sheriff's Office and SWAT requirements, please feel free to contact me. I am happy to help you along in the process if you met requirements.
Yeah, AIR always sounded cooler than PIR. Power to you. lol Those days have passed. I really enjoy LE now, especially when you have good funding and support. You a TEMS now for a Tac Team?
Welcome mate. Always good to get more LE around here, soon we will rename the place BLUESPEAR.
Welcome to SS!

I'm a retired SWAT Commander, Bomb Technician (Bomb Disposal unit Commander SAR SCUBA Diver) Retired from King County Sheriff (Seattle, WA) after 34 years of service as a Captain.
Sweet. Trip Wire as in DHS Trip Wire? I recently finished the DHS Response to Terrorist Bombing school down in EMRTC in NM. Great group of Instructors (mostly EOD and BTechs). Trip Wire is an incredible resource. Thanks brothers for the welcomes. I've been reading some great articles on here. Excellent forums.
Thank the sisters, too. There are a many here.....including.....well, you'll find out.
= ) As I mentioned to someone watching my Six on here (thanks again) - If I offended any of the women on SS then I apologize. We have asked some of the female Deputies to try out for SWAT that we can tell can handle themselves well and we have referred to them as brothers (I know it may sound strange). I never considered how other females may have taken it outside of our circle. Our Team is tight knit and we are like family. Sometimes I forget what may be normal to me isn't normal to others. So I apologize. Anyone who puts their life in harms warm way for the People (even though we all know it comes down to the man or woman beside you dodging bullets) is my brother. I am honored to meet any woman who lives a life of service, ready to do violence on behalf of those who sleep peacefully in their beds at night.