Mar 26, 2010
Denver CO
Hey everyone. My names Fate, had this account for a while but never really logged on until now because of some family issues. Well to start off im 17, I live in Colorado and im currently a seiner in high school. I decided to make this account because I want serve in the 75th Ranger regiment, its my life dream and I would do anything to accomplish this goal. The other goal I have is to be selected for a CT unit, but I dont think I should even be discussing that as of right now :). The only problem is im not in very good shape. I do weightlifting twice a week though. when I talked to a recruiter I was told I was better off NOT going to college if I want to serve in 75th, not really sure if this is true though. (sounds like a load of shit to me.) If any former or current Rangers could give me any tips on what I should be doing right now I would greatly appreciate it, and if there are are any Rangers in my area that I could do PT with that would most certainly float my boat.
I don't know if you would be "better off" per se but your recruiter is correct in telling you that enlisting would give you a better shot at going into the Regiment than going to college will.

For one thing, there are far more enlisted slots in the Ranger Regiment than there are officer positions, so from a straight numbers standpoint there is more room for you in the enlisted ranks. Additionally, you can enlist with what some people call a Ranger contract. If you go to college and become an officer, you could end up in a branch that the Regiment's MTOE does not support, and even if you do have a branch that the Regiment wants, in most cases you'll have to compete for a slot in the Regiment after demonstrating success in another unit first.

If you have put a sufficient amount of thought into it and decided that the Regiment is your life's goal, why wait? Get yourself into shape, enlist Option 40 straight out of high school (if they even still do that anymore, might want to check) and get started on that path. If you're not sure, or if you're not ready, maybe college is a better idea. You could broaden your mind a bit, spend some more time getting into shape, maybe do a little ROTC. The good news is you can always decide to enlist once you're in college, or even afterwards.
I won't talk to the Ranger stuff since that is outside of my purview but I too also love to lift weights. Unfortunately this is an endurance game for the most part and you are better off doing some rucking and some sort of mixed strength and cardio program like crossfit to prepare for any SOF selections and careers. I went into the Basic Recon Course at a strong 20o lbs and came out at a fast 155. I like crossfit because it really works your cardiovascular system while still maintaining a strength and powerlifting component to it.

6 months out from potentially shipping for Basic and you're just lifiting weights twice a week? You are seriously behind the power curve. Want to know your minimum targets? Google Army APFT and look for the 17-21 age group to see what your pushups, sit ups, and run times should be (hint: how close are you to 100%?).
2. learn to spell and use spell check - apparently you are a fisheman that uses a net to catch large amounts of piscene creatures by trapping them in knotted cord.
3. Self reliance - get some - PT yourself if that is a requirement of a goal you set for yourself.
4. move out - and do PT
5. do your own research (try using the search button and looking for Ranger, PT, running... just on this board, oh, yeah - if you looked you'd see the board named US Army Rangers or 75th Ranger Regiment)
6. move out and do some PT

Oh, don't even think about whining, there is no crying in baseball.
Yeah. Agree with the above. Welcome to the site and all, but if you want serve in the Ranger Regiment, you need to get a different mindset man. Just from reading your post I would say your maturity level is on the lower end. Nothing personal. It's not highschool, and it's not a video game. You have to work your ass off. Nobody is going to hand you your Scroll or Ranger Tab because they think you're a nice guy who wants it. You have to prove yourself. Again, I know I'm saying what's already been said, but lifting twice a week ain't gonna cut it. Change your mindset, realize that you are striving to serve in one of the best units of their type in any military, and act accordingly.
By the way Fate, if you think we're being harsh or unneccessarily rough I can assure you that a digital beating is easier to take than a physical one and the path you want is very physical.
Sorry for the late relpy, thanks to everyone for the information. It will NOT go to waste, I guarantee you that. As for the username it will be changed ASAP. I will begin running and swiming also.