Dec 25, 2010
Hello Everyone ,
I am Mark, and I am currently serving in Afghanistan. My unit is a long range surveillance unit, or LRS for short. We are based out of Fort Bragg. We are spending sometime in Afghanistan. This past year has been nothing, but getting ready for deployment and actually being deployed. I am not going to get into any major details, but so far so good. This unit is great, and we are highly trained in surveillance. The other men in LRS are some the best I know. I am prior service just came back in because I wanted more training in advance infantry skills and to get into SF. I was a sheriff deputy before coming back into the Army, and it seemed that the other deputies with advanced infantry skills did better on the force. A lot of the guys on swat were force recon marines or SF. I believe that being in the military there are more opportunity for someone who is interested in being dedicated soldier. Being that wife active duty it seemed like good Idea to come back into the military. I enjoy being in a LRS company because the senior NCO have wealth of knowledge. I have learned a great deal in sure amount of time. I have already been to some great school. I have a few military occupant specialties 11B and 68D (surgical medic). I am really proud to be in this unit, and I look forward to the new opportunities as they come along. I have served 9 nine years combining my prior service time and my current time. While, I was not on military status, I finished my education, so I can focus primarily on the military training goals, unencumbered. I love skydiving and working out and that is about it. That is pretty much it. I look forward to future conversations.