Mar 2, 2011
Allen, Tx
My name is David and I served in the Navy as an Aircrewman on C2A Greyhounds from 2004 to 2009. I was stationed at NAS Norfolk at VRC-40 and VRC-30 at NAS North Island. I enlisted in the Army in January and leave for basic on April 11th. The only MOS they offered me after numerous unsuccessful attempts to get into the Army was 14T. I had trouble getting in as the availability for an E4 prior service with 5 years in was sporadic at best. Every time I went in to sign my contract a new message came through closing down slots for prior service, so the last time it happened my recruiter came up and made some calls. After sitting at MEPS all day, I finally got offered a 3-year contract as a 14T and took it, fearing with budget cuts and what not that eventually it might be closed down for good for prior service. I plan on dropping an SF package ASAP and truly cannot wait to get back into the greatest military the world has ever seen!
Welcome. Did you get a bonus? If so sometimes that can make it hard to jump right over to SF.
No no bonus, I'm hoping they will at least let me switch my MOS at basic to infantry. Cheaper to train me and they at that point wont have spent any money on my 14T training. Anyone have any info on trying to do something like that? In the Navy, the better you performed, the more options become open to you. I hope this is the case with the Army.