Iran nuke deal signed? Or, what Iran deal, oil prices drop in time for summer road trip!

In the amount of time it took you to type up your post, you could have paid attention to what you were reading, seen its quoting a wall Street journal report, and quoting inspectors themselves.

It's known that all of them were not turned over, with reports coming out every 6 months or so on it. What is new is the revelation that the inspectors, by what is apparently their own admission, knew assad was holding back, and not revealing facilities, but tiptoes around so as not to offend assad and tank the whole deal.

Thus is highly relevant to Iran, and not only because Syria is Iran's bitch. It's relevant because this administration wants this deal so bad, and we already know they're playing games with the 'secret annexes'. There aren't supposed to be us inspectors on the iaea teams in Iran, the iaea has already made side agreements with Iran, and based on past history in Syria, violations were brushed under the carpet for whatever agenda was desirable at the time.
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A word or thousand on sources:

Learn how to use a search engine.

Take a phrase from an article and search against that. The Times of Israel article cites a Wall Street Journal article, BUT if you click on the embedded link you receive the "You must pay" blah, blah. Instead, Google that phrase (I used 'Because the regime was responsible...' and use the link in the results. Bam, no more problem with seeing the story.

If you find a story, take 30 seconds to run it through a search engine to see who else is reporting that information. Given the vermin's....err, "media's" joy at printing articles designed to generate ad revenue, you won't see an unbiased source. Run that story through a search engine and you'll see the story's locations. If need be, do it with more than one phrase. It doesn't even take a minute.
The Vienna Accord only postpones confrontation with Iran

It's long, so I won't cut and paste, but it's written by Amidror:

Maj. Gen. (res.) Yaakov Amidror is former national security advisor to the Prime Minister. He served 36 years in senior IDF posts, including commander of the Military Colleges, military secretary to the Minister of Defense, director of the Intelligence Analysis Division in Military Intelligence, and chief intelligence officer of the Northern Command. He is a senior fellow at the Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies, and a fellow at the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs.

Pretty much what I believe to be the case.
Dershowitz makes some good points all around. I like his idea of focusing on the 'never' aspect of Iranian nukes, and tieing the signing if it to preauthorization for military force if they cross the line. Sure, just because it's not in there now doesn't mean a future president couldn't, if he so chose, but it would mean a hell of a lot more to Iran if it was tied to the agreement. That's a hell of a threat. As it is, Iran is correct in the assumption that the US won't do jack shit.