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Sep 9, 2006
A little short of a year ago, a number of Special Operations warriors died in a helicopter crash in Afghanistan. This was particularly significant to me because for the first time, people that I actually knew had died. Dan McCants (Yardbird) was in my Green Platoon class, and I had been deployed with both Dan and John Quinlan (Irish) immediately before this accident.

Dan was SF-qualified, and while short was exceptionally strong and fit. I remember John was a big guy- extremely friendly and outgoing. One of the things we all enjoyed doing was playing Call of Duty after the pilots returned from their missions, on the LAN that the S6 set up for us. Like just about everyone in the 160th, both men were extremely competitive and hated it when they lost to us "support guys," which admitedly wasn't very often :(. Irish was the name John used in Call of Duty, while Dan often used Yardbird.

I found this picture tonight while I was looking through some old files on my computer and thought I'd share.

Here is some more info on two of the men that died that night:


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Thanks for posting, I appreciate it. And thank you to those that have gone on before us....

It is an honor to be able to read about them.


p.s. Mara, is that pic from the Old Clarksville Base birdcage?? Looks like some of the roads/trails there.
I am so sorry for your loss. Mara. I recall that crash very well, and am so sorry to see such fine men perish.