Is "GunPal" Any Good?


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Aug 14, 2007
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What is GUNPAL?

GUNPAL is an alternative to PayPal™ that donates a portion of the proceeds from every transaction to a Non-Profit Organization of your choice. GUNPAL does not discriminate based on the nature of your transaction, requiring only that the merchandise or services you buy and sell be legal. See our User Agreement for more information. (PayPal™ is a Trademark of eBay, Inc.)

Anyone used them or heard if they are any good, reputable, reliable, etc.? A Google search turned up surprisingly little, which is why I posted this here. I expected to find a great deal about them because of this claim:
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GUNPAL is now the Payments Processor of Choice for AuctionArms - 'The offical Auction website of the NRA'. Auction Arms customers will enjoy Buyer Protection every time they pay with GUNPAL. Read More
Any info, or even a simple "good to go" would be helpful.
I have heard of them on a couple other sites I visit; GTG as far as I know.
I will be getting anaccount as soon as my buisness account is established.
I've heard good things on Research there, I think a few guys there beta tested it, and then they recently opened it up to everyone. It sounds like it is either going to be the go to place or possibly another fad. Reading about all the hype, I think it will be here to stay.
My brother had nothing concrete other than since paypal is apparently anti-gun, can't use them to purchase guns, some guy started