Joining as an officer

amar nagra

Jun 27, 2015
Im going into the army right now as enlisted infantry. I plan on being active duty for a year and then going to West Point to become an officer. Ive tried doing some research about this but I cant seem to find the process an officer in the army needs to take to join the battalion. I do know for a fact I want to finish my education before becoming a ranger since I want a military career. My schooling itself will probably take 5 years (if I go to West Point ill need to spend one year at the Prep Academy)
You do amazingly well in your first assignment and then worry about it from there. You still have 4-5 years by your own admission before you can pin on a bar so thinking about this is nearly a waste of time. Lots and lots of good guys don't make it to the 75th for a bazillion reasons. Concentrate on school and being the best in your branch. You can't even think about the 75th until you are a 1LT anyway.
Worry about turning blue first. Then start thinking about your next step.

Until you earn the right to call yourself a United States Army Infantryman everything else is mental masturbation and a distraction from your 5m and 25m targets.
One of the first things you need to do is correct your use of the written English language; your usage, grammar, punctuation, capitalization and style really are atrocious. You say you want to be an officer via the USMA route, writing is 100% critical in that endeavor.

Why do you want to be an officer? Why are you enlisting first to take that route? What are you bringing to the table that makes you a better choice than the hundreds of other candidates for Enlisted to USMA?