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Oct 19, 2006
Making this dissemination as wide as possible.

Joseph Nathaniel Harris
AKA Jose Harris, Author Jose Harris, AKA Neuro25 on, and

This all started as a result of postings between and Facebook. The Ranger world is a close knit community as is many in the SOF family as Jose would eventually realize. It was 2 other members and myself that have been working on this for the last several months, along with the untiring help of a nameless hero on Facebook, who's a veteran and would rather remain anonymous, but I'm mentioning him anyway. Here is the overview from just some of the many correspondence recorded over the last several months.

In 2010, Jose Harris started off innocently enough on Facebook, maintaining a low profile and making friend requests to many military and former military members, me being one of them. When he did, and I did not know his name or recognize it, I did what many did-I looked to see who we had as mutual friends and then his profile to see what else we may have had in common. After looking, turns out we had 43 mutual friends and his profile showed him to be a veteran with a "Triple Canopy" (Airborne, Ranger and Special Forces qualified)

That was good enough at the time for me. I figured, with all the friends we had in common, someone at least knew him and his background on a more personal level than I did. Surely I could trust, but not have to verify in an instance such as this. So, I added him as a friend. I could not have been more wrong as we would all find out later, this was part of his ruse.

By doing this, he began to build up layer upon layer of credibility just by association. Nothing else. Months passed. Nothing major, just minor ramblings would show up about his life in general as to his postings.

His undoing came at the expense of his own ego, when later on in 2010, he announced that he had been writing a book, documenting his life, his challenges, career in the military and lessons learned. The book was titled "Mi Vida"

As a matter of coincidence, or prior planning on his part, it was not until shortly after his announcement of his book release, he began to show up on military forums and sites, and post his intro. being one of them. All of the forums, including ours, welcomed him with open arms. Surely a man of this caliber and background was welcomed as a veteran with stellar credentials anyone would be proud of.

Still no red flags. I hadn't even noticed his intro at the time he made it. It wasn't until he decided to make an announcement on Facebook, that he was doing a pre release of his writings to any of his friends that would like to have a copy. I didn't take him up on it, but some others did. That's when everything began to change. Seems word started getting around about what was within the book and his writings bordered on the grandiose of fantasy and fiction along with a mixture of some truth.

As word spread, it became more and more apparent I needed to do some digging. I began to monitor his page and look more closely at what was being posted and whom was doing the posting. He began to receive more and more messages, with probing questions. Questions he would either dodge or write off as a result of his so called "PTSD" diagnoses when asked for specifics as to names, dates and locations. In the midst of his denials and defending his claims, he claimed he was verified at several sites and started firing off names he claimed knew him personally. He also named the sites. When he did, I searched and found him as member name "neuro25" which he used to register with at all the different forums.

I started to read his introduction. When I did, there it was in black and white. Jose claimed he had graduated from Ranger Class 8-81. I then went to dig out my old military files, and found my set of orders for Ranger School. I too, also graduated from Class 8-81. After looking, it was just as I suspected. No Jose Harris, or Joseph N. Harris anywhere on them. I then went back to have another look at his intro to see if maybe, just possibly, I made a mistake and read his class date wrong. I didn't. He clearly documented and claimed this class number 3 different times. The first being within his own introduction, on his signature line, and finally, when asked to submit a verification packet, which he did, and claimed it a third time. Below is a screenshot of his intro. You may have to magnify it a bit to read it, but it's all there.


After this came to light, I began working with some members here and on Facebook that we knew in common and a guy known for busting phonies on Facebook as well. On January 12th, things began to heat up rather quickly as an e-mail exchange I was privy to was CC'd to me to have a look at. After looking and reading it, I became convinced Jose was the classical fabricator of lies and deception, with an air of truth mixed in for good measure.

He was asked by the FB group leader if he would be willing to provide official documentation in order to clear his name (Properly redacted of course) When he did, and it was then scrutinized and the negativge comments began, his first defense was NPRC was screwed up and left several things off it (To include no mention or annotation of either his Ranger Tab or service at HAAF/Ft. Stewart as he claimed) He wound up producing at least 3 different DD-214's, all inconsistent with one another. Not to mention all the inconsistencies with the other documents he produced.

Meanwhile, the same people who had been asking questions of his (Jose's) claims, were then looking at all of his photographs. He had quite a few. Quite a few of him when he was a medic in the 187th down in Panama, but nothing else with him in it. Sure, he had a bunch of generic ones, but most of those he wound up swiping off of other friend pages of those he befriended. So, the next question became if he were so hung up with presenting himself as a former Ranger/SF veteran, and those were the most prestigious days of your military career, why:

1. Would you not have any pictures of your time in a Ranger Battalion or on an ODA (Operational Detachment) as so many others did?

2. Is it you cannot produce a single soul who knew you personally and served with you during your service besides the 187th in Panama?

3. Is it you cannot recollect a single name, dismissing it as having PTSD, yet, you have all the memory needed to write a memoir of your life?

I then confronted Mr. Harris directly on Facebook and asked him some very direct, yet very simple questions. Instead of answering them, which, anyone, if not lying, would have done so immediately, he chose to delete my posting, in order to keep others from seeing it and then deleted me from his friends list. From that point, until now, I made it my mission to see this impostor exposed for what he truly is and never was. Someone who stole the title of Ranger, and in the process, began a smear campaign of real life honorable men, attacked and slandered by a liar, cheat and a thief. All because they were in search of the truth. Men Harris would call "Haters" like, they're jealous of his fame and fortune. Well, we finally got it, most of it anyway.

Here is his timeline as he claims:

He first attends Basic, AIT and Airborne in 1980 and is then assigned to 1/75.

In 1981, he attends Ranger School and graduates. After graduating (Which we now know HE DID NOT) the time skips from 1981 to 1982. During this time, there is conflict in his claims of exactly where he was, either Ft. Irwin or Panama.

He was courts martial ed while in the military. What exactly for and what his exact sentence was, no one seems to know, but Harris himself admitted to it. The incident supposedly took place out at Ft. Irwin, CA. This is (In his book) when a SFG SGM flies all the way out from Ft. Bragg, NC to Ft. Irwin, CA, and rescues him from his prison sentence by offering him a chance to join SF and clear his name. Whatever.

He goes down to Panama. He does not join SF as he claimed, instead, is assigned to Ft. Kobbe, and then, to the 187th. He then claims to have been assigned to C 3/7 SFG. This before he ever attends SFAS, SOMED or anything else.

He comes back stateside, gets promoted due to his "Victor" rating (Which we now know constitutes fraud) and eventually, attends the Q course.

He joins the reserves, and is assigned to C, 3/12 SFG (R) and assigned to an ODA. It is later noted that no one in C 3/12 can verify him or knows him. One member who was once a member here was assigned to the very same ODA Harris claimed from 1982 until 1993. He has never seen nor heard of Harris until all this began to surface.

Harris attempted to reach out to one of the SGM's assigned to the 3/12th and that SGM could not verify him either. For the unaware reading this, ODA's or Operational Detachments A, as they're known, are not very big. It's not like losing someone in a sea of soldiers in a Battalion formation.

I was still convinced his SF claims were false as well, but, guess what? After making contact with a former VERIFIED classmate of his, who is still serving in the reserves, he confirmed that Jose Harris did in fact attend and graduate the course. So, from 1987 until 1991, he was assigned to ODA 332, C 3/12 Special Forces Group, although, as of this posting, not one single soul can verify that as fact, and, not one single soul can he produce to do the same.

Fast forward, he eventually leaves the service, goes to school, college, goes overseas, becomes a so called "Doctor" (Israeli standards) becomes a nurse and then, comes back here.

Then, our hero and his life begins the proverbial downward spiral. All this while he was in California beginning 2004:

Breaking and entering (Felony) of his brothers house on 2 different occasions, once in Sep, 2004 and again in Dec, 2004, stealing his brothers car, jewelry, computer equipment credit cards and other items valued at over $34,000.00 and then up to $6000.00 on the credit card.

Theft of computer equipment and a 200,000 named patient database DVD, complete with addresses, DOB's and SSN's, from the San Jose Medical Group.

Breaking and entering (Misdemeanor) into his girlfriends apartment in Apr, 2005

He was caught in Apr 2005, when police ran the tag of the vehicle he was in, came back stolen (Felony) they attempted to stop him and Harris fled, or attempted to and was caught. He was found with burglary tools in the vehicle, in possession of a meth pipe and items tying him to the vehicle in question.

He still owes over $145,000.00 in restitution to the medical group and $15,000.00 in restitution to his brother.

Finally, in Jun, 2009, he formally and legally had his nurses license revoked permanently.

He is sentenced to do Federal prison time. While there, he then files a claim to the VA for PTSD. He gets the claim approved. 100%. He has no documentation of any war time service, no CMB, no CIB and yet, he is collecting well over 2600.00 a month at taxpayer expense.

Picking apart his lies in his book coupled with his claims:

First red flag in Harris' book starts on page 111. In this excerpt of his, he mentions a guy he said (current day) could vouch for him as a Ranger, "Ernesto Estrada." Estrada never served with Harris at Ft. Stewart or HAAF. Estrada was at Ft. Sam Houston as one of his instructors.

Next, Harris talks about arriving at Stewart (After being told while he was at Ft. Sam) to "Volunteer for the Rangers" by this Estrada guy, and supposedly, does exactly that and is interviewed and accepted. Harris only did the band-aid course and nothing more, He never speaks of any type of advanced medical or trauma training, nothing.

Here's another lie (And a MAJOR ONE) he's cornered himself with his own words (Mainly because LIARS have problems with timelines)

On Facebook, (As was posted) it shows promotion orders for Harris dated January, 1986.

Well, in his book and in his own words, he makes himself out as Sergeant Harris, 1st Ranger Battalion, on 2 different occasions. Keep in mind that according to Harris, he is only there from 1980 until 1981.

The first is on page 113 and top of 114, Chapter 15.

"After my 18 months were up, I was ready to leave the Rangers, but my First sergeant was not ready to let me leave."

“Sergeant Harris, you are going to die a Ranger!” I was afraid that actually might happen! I wore the Black Beret of the Rangers for almost two years.

Sorry to say, but there was no way our hero made it from private to sergeant in 2 years, never would have happened.

Couple that with the very same copy of the promotion orders he posted on Facebook, and he's lying through his teeth. His promotion didn't happen until 1986. 4 YEARS LATER.

Here he is again, on page 129, 130, referencing the same:

"I would call my best friend—Art, weekly. He was stationed at Fort Irwin, near Barstow, California. We talked and shared stories regularly. One day, his Aid Station’s Lieutenant answered the phone. He asked me who I was, and I proudly told him, “Sgt Harris, 1st Ranger Battalion."

Regardless of where he would have been at in the Army at that time and regardless of MOS, there is no way possible to have made E-5 in that amount of time.

Here's his next excruciating amount of lies. He starts talking about Ranger School. Keep in mind, he claimed in 2 different areas here on, he was Ranger Class 8-81.

Class 8-81 never started out at Camp Darby, Everyone mustered at the old splintered WWII barracks at Benning's 3rd Ranger Company location. That's where everyone during that time frame initially reported to and were in processed.

On page 120, he talks about how he and a guy named Martinez, drove Harris' car out to Camp Darby.

Anyone who reported to Ranger School with a vehicle, had it locked up and stored in a fenced off area at 3rd Ranger Company. No one and I mean no one, had POV's at Camp Darby except for the Ranger Instructors who worked there and the staff.

Here's another hole in his lies. He states he just re-enlisted for Special Forces while he was stationed at Ft. Irwin. All enlistments back then were 4 years. And a CSM, flies all the way from Ft. Bragg to "Liberate Harris after his Court martial for SF? Just for Harris after a courts martial?

Another is how he claims he got the assignment to Ft. Irwin in the first place, by doing a so called "One for one swap" with a "Leg" medic. There is NO WAY POSSIBLE that the 1/75th Ranger Battalion would have swapped out:

1. A Ranger Qualified Medic with a non airborne medic.

2. A Ranger Qualified Medic who was a Sergeant (As Harris claims he was)

He claims he has 3 honorable discharges. With a court martial during his first term of enlistment at Ft. Irwin? In any event, he has doctored several DD-214's, and we now know he used the "V" designator to get an early (Fraudulent) promotion. How?


Jose, California wants the revocation of your personalized plates immediately and so do we.


You may be SF, but you sure ain't no Ranger. Enjoy your book signings while you can. The house of cards you built is about to come crashing down upon you.

Dedicated to those who served honorably and don't need to lie and those that actually earned the title without stealing it.
That's some awesome investigative work. That's also a pretty sophisticated web of lies this dude has strung out.
Yeah. A lot of these guys build a web of lies so big that they seem to go off the deep end with it. They start to believe the shit that's coming out of their mouth and then dig in like a tick when you have proof that they're lying. Pathetic people.
The thing about posers is, they have to be great liars all the time, something which is a feat . There is a guy with my namesake in the US who served in the NAVY back in the 70's as a Chief. When I asked what he did, guess what he told little oul me 4000 miles away in Ireland? Guess he though I would never find out that I know he was never a SEAL...
This a$$hat was on a crusade not too long ago on Facebook about Veterans who were getting cyberbullied. 99.9 of the "vets" on FB that get their a$$'s handed to them are posers anyway. Him and I had a few words about this crusade. Needless to say after I brought up his arrest record, the validated document of his "supposed" Ranger Class (with no mention of his name in the orders), the multiple 214's, multiple tab checks from BN and his triple canopy, I got unfriended and blocked. He has romanced a woman near Johnson City TN and is supposedly moving up there in May. The VA that he will be going to for his healthcare just happens to be the same one that one of my buds works at in the HR department. My buddy's wife is one the the Psychiatrist who help PTSD vets there. It should be an interesting time for ole Mr Harris if he ever makes it there. The word has been put out.
I would like to get to the bottom of this issue with Jose Harris's military record. I served with Co.A (Abn.) 3/5 inf and it was the only airborne company in panama at the time. Its a proud unit and was one of the best Airborne Companies I had the pleasure of serving with. I left this unit just before this Doc. Harris is attached to the company as a Medic. He has a page on facebook called the Moatengators that he has started and has a group of over 273 members. It is a proud group of past Airborne members of this unit and the units that followed it. If this Doc. Harris is a really ticks me off to no end that he keeps claiming to be a ranger and SF group member. He has just posted documentation on this group page showing his ranger tab and SF service. I would really like to know what his true military service is! 378492_2713924213653_1423357103_33033146_942862091_n.jpg387606_2713923893645_1423357103_33033145_1897154646_n.jpg
This clown has not 1, not 2 but 3 DD214's. I cant speak for his SF service but too many tab checks have been done on him and they all come back with the same thing.. He never got his Ranger Tab.. nor did ever attend the course. He states that he was in class 8-81 but I have seen the the orders for that class and his name is not on it. Not once has he shown his orders or proof (other than one of his 214's) that he attended. This guy has a really shady background and is a felon.
Hi everyone, I'm new to this page and haven't quite gotten it figured out yet. I'm a veteran and served with Co.A (abn) 3/5 Inf. in panama and Co.A 1/508 (abn) Ft. Bragged NC....1978-1982. Then did two years with Pa. National guard....1982-1984.