Just an old grunt checking in


Verified Military
Feb 19, 2020
I’m not any kind of special.
I’m here for a couple of reasons one selfless and the other selfish. I was just an infantryman in my time I service, I did all the cool stuff ; I was a five jump chump, my skills at tired math made me air assault, and my stupidity made me think I could be a ranger even after I recycled twice. In the end I really am just a dumb grunt that had a shit ton of fun in both the 10th Mountain (4/31) and because warm is “better” than cold 2/5.

Since I’m in no way special I’m here for selfish reasons. I married a German national while in the Army so I’ve spent the last 15ish years working for the Army as a civilian. What I’m looking for is a home, 10th group, SOCEUR, and NSW2 were who I supported while working for USAG Stuttgart.

I’ve had all the fun I can have working for the garrison, I need to go back to tactical which leads me here. I’m looking to expand my network outside of garrison, I’d like to do the bounce that most SOC civilians do (Carson to Stuttgart) this place and silent professionals seems to be the place to learn and grow.

I’ll add my two cents as an outsider, but I’m a rock star plans officer and want to bring my ethic to group and be the places I want to be...c’mon Florida..Colorado what more can a dumb red neck like me ask for.