Keep your weapon secure, or you might have to pay!

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Jan 24, 2008
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My 1SG found one of our plt gunners weapon unsecured and made him pay to get it back! Baghdad 2004:doh:}:-)
We had a guy lose a CLU of all things. It turned out someone mistook it for trash and threw it in the burn pile. (It was in a plastic trash bag to keep the sand out.)
Down at Stewart after we returned from the Gulf in '91, our company went to the field about a week before I ETS'd (without me, of course :cool:), and one of the NCOs from the GSR platoon left his M-16 behind in one of the swampiest parts of the reservation.

It took them about 8 hours to find it, without the CO ever catching wind that it was missing. That guy definitely dodged a bullet.
I remember back in the day a Captain lost a pistol. The only thing that happened to him, oh was nothing. They brushed it under the rug so it wouldn't fuck his career up. Let that happen to a enlisted man and see what happens. He is done.
I'd like see more police in the front leaning rest postition. :D

We actually had a SWAT team member leave a tricked out AR/M4 in it's case in the lawn in front of a school. It has never been returned to this day. :uhh:

Someone's got a nice rifle with an EOtech, Surefire light, foregrip and a couple of 30 round mags. :doh: