'Leave Taleban to Afghans' - Afghan Education Minister


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Feb 8, 2007
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This will be interesting to see how it plays out. This idea may have worked out well in other provinces but I'm not sure if it could in the south where the Taliban has great support. I could see this as a potential disaster. If it was used, it would still require an "Observer" force.

'Leave Taleban to Afghans' call
An influential Afghan minister has called on the West to allow local communities in Afghanistan to take over the fight against the Taleban. Education Minister Mohammad Hanif Atmar said the answer lay in what he called the "Afghanisation" of security.
Mr Atmar, who is a close ally of President Hamid Karzai, said Afghan forces needed more training.
In the latest violence, officials say the Taleban killed six people in the western province of Herat.
Traditional system
While Nato leaders have been calling for member countries to commit more troops to Afghanistan, Mr Atmar told the BBC that this was not the answer.
He says a traditional Afghan system, with local communities being allowed to practice self-defence, would be more effective.
He believes that Afghan forces could defeat the Taleban in five years, instead of the 15 he believes Nato would need.
And with at least 10 times as much money being spent on foreign troops as on Afghan forces, he believes that money could be better spent in training and providing resources.
The BBC's Elettra Neysmith says "Afghanisation" is a popular concept at the moment within Nato.
She says it has been cynically described as a "get out of jail free" card for Western countries mired in the deepening Taleban insurgency.
But Mr Atmar says the "Afghanisation" of security has worked successfully in provinces like Khost and Paktia in the south-east, where the Taleban are active.

Story from BBC NEWS:

Published: 2008/03/26 00:08:02 GMT

I'd believe in this if I weren't hearing some sketchy reports of ANA behavior coming from some SOF guys.
we booted em off our perimeter pretty quickly when we got there...

And then we stopped taking them on patrols. They would radio ahead to the checkpoints to let them know we were coming. That shit got put to a stop rikky tic