Looking for new rifles.

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Sep 6, 2008
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Rifle #1 Requirements:

1 MOA or better accuracy
Mag fed

Rifle #2

1 MOA or better
.50 BMG

What's out there, and better yet, what's currently in HHC 3/75 (PM if necessary and you know what section I'm talking about.)
My next one is a .308 auto loader too... just haven't decided on which one yet. So, I'm interested in the comments on this thread... Anyone have any experience with the DPMS Panther series?

This is similar to what I am looking at building...



I am a very big fan of the M1A1.

We did a 1000M shoot a number of years ago with a M1A1 using iron sights. The target was 2 ft by 3 ft. I managed to hit the target 4 out of 5 times in about 10 - 15 seconds. We were shooting off the bag.

I would not recommend the rifle for CQC, because of the obvious better choices out there. But for 100 to 600M a very fine addition. It is not a bolt gun. The gas system can be turned off.

Interesting, is that for sniping?

I have to rattle some old brain cells. I think it was originally intended for a rifle grenade, really not sure about that, never saw one.

Turning off the gas does increase felt recoil. We tried that at the range once. I never done it since, did not a reason too. The valve is on the right side of the rifle on the between the barrel and gas cylinder located at the end of the fore piece.

I read once it was reported to have reduce the size of the group slightly.

I just don't see the M14 as a sniper rifle, DSM is about as good as it gets. We had a person we called a company sniper, actually more like a DSM that would get a M14. They were just a expert shooter. The real deal snipers where MOSed and where given the real deal bold guns. Rem 700 (or Winchesters 70s).
well a SR runs 2500 or so depending on what you get, I saw a couple different variants (cut down barrel, standard length, blah blah) on gunbroker... prices varied depending on attached and included toys.

A DPMS Panther in 308 with the setup I want looks like 2,300-2,500 bucks. Folding VFG, harris bipod, couple other nicnacks.

A RRA in 7.62 is 1,125.00
Magpul PRS stock is 255
Daniel Defense freefloat quad rail is 400.

so 1800 for a RRA without flipup sights, cool pistol grip, VFG, Bipod, Bipod adapter, scope ring system, and some other gidgets.

Basically the same price, but I like RRA weapons anyway. They seem to always do very nice and are good and tight on tolerances which is what I would be looking for given the purpose of accuracy.

I need to buy a 6 axis milling machine so I can fabricate uppers and lowers up here, and/or win the lotto so I can be the de-facto state tactical weapons depot.
Panther™ LRT-SASS

Congratulations, you've completed building your custom product.
Product Description Price
Panther™ LRT-SASS
Barrel Upgrade: Cryo-Accurizing
Model: UG-36
Standard Charging Handle to: Tactical Latch Charging Handle Assembly
Model: UG-73
Current A2 Pistol Grip to: Panther™ Tactical Grip
Model: UG-78

19 Round Steel Magazine for .308, .260, & .243
Model: MA-3082
Yankee Hill Aluminum Bipod Adapter
Model: BI-YHM-638
Harris Ultralight Bipod Series S Model L
Model: BI-LS
10 Round Steel Magazine for .308, .260, .243
Model: MA-3081
A-15 Flat Top
Model: MT15-15150
DPMS "Receiver Rug" (Molded)
Model: LR-RRM
Yankee Hill Quick Action Folding Grip
Model: VG-YHM-9640
Accessories Product Total $2,665.10

Just for a price comparison.